Education is the key for the real growth of a country


We want to offer teachers the possibility to give a high quality education to their students, We want to “seed science” in developing countries!

Our vision

Our mission

Our belief

SeedScience teachers online!
WHAT A FANTASTIC WEEK WE HAD WITH SEEDSCIENCE TEACHERS, PARTNERS AND OTHER FRIENDS! It was the first time for us to host an online video-training...
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It is time to make the science grow!
We seeded science in Tanzania, now it is time to water it and foster its growth! Ten Tanzanian science teachers just completed an innovative training...
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Science bang!
This week we had an amazing event with our teachers and students! They presented experiments and topics in front of an audience of other teachers,...
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SeedScience attracting interest in Tanzania
Just few weeks ago we launched our project in Tanzania and started a new training. It was enough to attract the interest of local authorities...
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