As a volunteer of the SeedScience project you’ll be flanked to a project member to offer valid support during the training of local science teachers. You’ll work both with teachers and students. Your activities will mainly depend on your background.

If you’re a science a student or you work in the field, you’ll be able to directly participate to the training, both as a trainer and in the same way of local teachers. You could also develop a few teaching topics based on your expertise in a collaboration with a project member.

If you don’t have a scientific background, there are still many ways to be able to help. We need all across the training people to assist us in the classroom, to find missing materials for the experiments and to help us to set up new ones. We also need people to help to take pictures and videos of the training and to hand out questionnaires to teachers and students. We also need volunteers to be able to communicate through the web (social networks, website) the ongoing work on the field.

We require a minum stay of 3 weeks. Currently two volunteering areas are available, as described in the image. Please contact us to know prices for the local stay and any further information!



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