Volunteer in Kenya!

Volunteer in Kenya!

SeedScience is accepting volunteers for our next phase in Kenya, which will take place from December 16 to March 12.

As a volunteer of the SeedScience project, you’ll be flanked to a project member to offer valid support during the training of local science teachers.

You’ll work both with teachers and students.

General requirements for volunteers:

  • Over 18 years old
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Minimum 3 weeks commitment (shorter periods may be available in particular situations, contact us to know more)
  • Creativity and flexibility to work in an environment with limited resources
  • Financial means to eventually sustain the trip

Your tasks and activities will mainly depend on your background and then on your role as a volunteer:

  • Trainer volunteer – a scientific and possibly teaching background is required. You’ll work at the preparation and optimization of the experiments, participate in the training meetings, observe and possibly assist the local teachers teaching to their students. Any scientific background is welcome. Connect with us to share yours and see what we can create together.

  • Photographer volunteer – a background as photographer and/or video maker is definitely recommended, but not necessarily required. You’ll take care of documenting the project, meaning the training meetings, the lessons, but also the local daily life.

  • Social network manager volunteer – a good experience with social networks as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin is required. You’ll participate with us to our activities and coordinate with photographer volunteers to share on social networks our project and tell everyone what is going on with our project. This role may also be carried out without being on site, but a first hands-on experience of the project is definitely recommended.
  • General volunteer – You’ll participate to the project activities and support us in several taks as search of materials for the experiments, data entry and evaluation, photo and video making, and other possibly required activities.

How to apply:

  1. Contact us at info@seedscience.it to show your interest and let us know more about you and how we can work together.
  2. We’ll communicate your name to our local Partner in Kenya (Common Ground for Africa) and you’ll be allowed to apply through them as a volunteer in the SeedScience project. You’ll eventually be asked to pay our local Partner for food and accommodation throughout your stay (about 25$ per day). SeedScience doesn’t take any money from volunteers.

What are you waiting for? Come to Kenya with us!

Contact us at info@seedscience.it for more information!

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