It is time to make the science grow!

It is time to make the science grow!

We seeded science in Tanzania, now it is time to water it and foster its growth!

Ten Tanzanian science teachers just completed an innovative training where they acquired a method to teach science through fun hands-on experiments.

They are now determined to spread the method and multiply the impact. They will keep meeting and strengthening the teachers’ network to share knowledge and skills and keep learning from each other. They will train 10 more teachers that will become part of the project together with their students.
This will be the second phase of a long-term project that can largely improve science education and the quality of life of the local communities.Support us to make it happen!


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In the next year we plan to reach more than 2000 Tanzanian students. With only 1 € you can significantly improve the science education of one student! You can improve their future! With 50 € you’re improving the science education and the future of a whole classroom!






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