SeedScience is one of the winners of the Youth Exchange Grant 2020

SeedScience is one of the winners of the Youth Exchange Grant 2020

The Youth Exchange Grant 2020 is financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the funding will be used to instruct SeedScience teachers to become trainers at their own countries.

Taking into consideration this year has been harsh for all of us, facing together the consequences of a global pandemic, we’ve needed to figure out a way to continue our project and innovate on new solutions, since expatriate staff couldn’t be present in the field. 

So, instead of doing in person training, as we did in the past years, we will be holding online encounters, activities and tutoring with SeedScience teachers and students from the University of Rome Tor Vergata from October 1st to October 12th

During these two weeks, Bioscienzaresponsabile will create a conversation about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and personal hygiene issues we might face this year; our partners’ members from Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania will share their ideas and solutions during the Covid-19 response situation and finally, team MARIS of the economics department of the University of Rome Tor Vergata will facilitate a project management course for non-profit organizations.

A few of our amazing teachers will even hold an event on social media presenting live science experiments!


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