Our final training ceremony in Ghana!

Here are our Ghanaian teachers posing with their attendance certificates! Last Tuesday at the Cheerful Hearts Foundation fieldhouse in Nyanyano. Our teachers performed science experiments about water, soil and air pollution in front of many students, headteachers and members of the community! We are proud of our teachers and look forward to …

Meet the 8 Ghanaian teachers who participate in the training as part of the SeedScience project!

Here you can see them in the photo, with Emmanuel of Patriots Ghana, and Flavio and Michele of SeedScience! Next week we’ll start visiting them in their schools to know them better and in two weeks we’ll start the actual training!

We’re in Ghana!

Yesterday Michele and Flavio landed in Accra. They found Emmanuel from Patriots Ghana waiting for them at the airport!
We’ll start in a few days!

SeedScience in Bologna

Today prof. Licoccia, director of the Department of Chemical Science and Technology of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, received the AICIng lifetime achievement award! On the occasion, she shared with the audience her excellent outcomes and also talked about the SeedScience project. Thanks and congratulations, professor!


As a volunteer of the SeedScience project you’ll be flanked to a project member to offer valid support during the training of local science teachers. You’ll work both with teachers and students. Your activities will mainly depend on your background. If you’re a science a student or you work in …

The SeedScience project will officially start in September!

We made it! The SeedScience project will officially start in September! SeedScience is pleased to announce that we are among the winners of the “youth exchange” grants, financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs! The amount of the funding will be communicated to us soon. SeedScience was presented as …