We want to put the skills of professional science educators in service of local science teachers.
The short-term goal odf SeedScience consists in describing them a different method of teaching aimed to make 10-18 years old students reason through hands-on experiments.
Formation of local teachers will last about three months. After this period, they will possess a different point of view on teaching and will be able to perform and describe the experiments.

Moreover, they will learn how to set up new experiments and how to obtain cheap or free materials to conduct them.Standard long-term science kits will be left to partner schools and the local teachers will keep in touch each other and with project members to share ideas and solve eventual issues.

In addition, selected local educators can continue the formation of other teachers. In this way, a network of high-level science teachers would be created.The development of these local educators and the very low cost of experiments materials will make the project highly sustainable.

Our previous experience in Ghana

SeedScience is the direct consequence of a volunteering experience occurred in Ghana in 2016. We brought from Italy, and found on field, many materials to perform science experiments at school. Students and teachers really benefited from it and they still continue performing experiments with the leftover materials. SeedScience is born from this experience.


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