Our vision

Education is the key for the real growth of a country

Education is the best way to pave the way for rapid development and a self-sustaining population. On a smaller scale, a higher quality of education can improve the quality of life in many different ways, ranging from prevention of contracting infectious diseases to lowering the probability of malnutrition or preserving our environment. Education in countries with a low index of development is made difficult by numerous correlated factors including poverty, child labor and lack of adequate facilities.
Shortage of education materials, high teachers/students ratio and limited access to running water, electricity and internet make the task of teachers extremely challenging.

Many projects are currently ongoing worldwide to improve access and quality of education. A significant amount of these programs are aimed at the provision of didactic materials, the building of facilities and the training of local teachers, mostly concerning literacy.

The importance of teaching scientific subjects is often underestimated or difficult to address. It is also a common thought that science experiments can be performed only by employing expensive materials.