The Project

The main project

We believe that change must proceed through local teachers.

They are the ones who need adequate means to educate the adults of tomorrow.

We partner with local NGOs to make it happen by training local science teachers to:

1. Adopting a hands-on teaching method that makes students the real protagonists

2. Employing cheap, recycled, locally available materials

3. Connecting their teaching topics to daily life issues and opportunities for the community (e. g.access to water, hygiene, climate change, waste management, nutrition, etc.)

4. Making both teaching and learning fun

5. Working with their peers to learn from each other

The teachers

They become a team of passionate professionals who apply in class what they learn, collaborate with other teachers in science clubs and organize science events and activities to support the community. Some of them eventually become trainers, ScienceSeeders, and start facilitating training sessions to involve other teachers generating a chain cascade-like mechanism. Teachers are the core of our projects.

The students

They enjoy learning through hands-on science experiments and activities. They gradually develop creativity, team-working, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills that will be crucial to help them to succeed in their lives and support their communities.

The community

Local people are involved as the audience in science events. Here they get to know more about science-related issues that affect the community and about the actions that might solve them. Teachers and students support the community with small-scale tailored projects. Most importantly, the community eventually benefits from the presence of highly educated young adults who have the skills to lead to sustainable development.